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noises-to-hand #1

I am examining the gestures involved in operating noisemakers and sound effects as part of my research. This video features some of the noisy things from my own collection.


noisy textured discs

Not long after I first armed myself with a soldering iron, I started playing with DC motors, and rigged up a turntable of sorts which read zip discs and cassette tape with a tape head.

This new turntable is an arduino and servo arrangement which lets me control its speed and direction (built with John McAreavey). In this video, I have a contact mic reading the texture scratched into a CD, which is then fed through a WMD Geiger Counter and analog delay pedal for added noise. The setup needs a bit of practice yet but it is nicely hands-on and expressive to play. The video below mixes the desk audio with a room mic, as the servo is a noisy thing in itself.