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prototyping at MLab

I spent a glorious month with the generous team at the Maker Lab, University of Victoria this past March thinking about how to apply prototyping to soundmaking in light of all the advice I’ve been gathering from historical sound effects designers. This culminated in what I hope is the first of many noisemaking workshops, and Miyoko Caudet at UVic’s CFUV radio kindly interviewed Teddie Brock from MLab (my co-organiser) and I for a podcast…


laptaps: soundboard workstations

A collaborative Hugh Davies-inspired instrument built with John McAreavey. We’re combining our action-sound forces to examine laptop performance, music and gesture. The Laptap forces the performer to sit in the same position as that of a laptop, to peer over the edge of the lid at any audience or fellow performance, and hides their hands as they play. In this position, how do we communicate gesture and intention?